Atrium Bancard Solutions is able to process all types of credit card transactions for your business.  For a detailed explanation of these types please click on the image below for each type to see the method that best fits your business.

Retail purchase ipad.jpg
mobile purchase.jpg
Retail is the term associated with face to face transactions in a retail environment via swipe, chip and pin, contactless, or NFC. This is the lowest risk form of transaction processing



Ecommerce or MOTO is the method of making a purchase over the phone or via the internet or mail where the credit card it not present for the merchant.  This is a higher risk type of processing due to the card not being present.  This can be dont by key entry of the credit card information into a terminal, via a shopping cart on a website or the entry of credit card information directly into a virtual terminal.



Mobile processing is done through a wireless credit card terminal that uses ether cellular data to process the transaction or bluetooth technology.  Mobile processing like retail can use swipe, chip and pin, contactless, or NFC to enter credit card data through the system.  Like retail this is a low risk form of processing.